Provincial Transport Authority (PTA)

  • P.T.A. Board meets at regular intervals to consider and decide various matters dealing with Private Transport Sector consisting of following members:
1. Secretary Transport Chairman
2. Secretary Works & Services Member
3. DIG Traffic Member
4. Chief (T&C),  P&D Department Member
5. Secretary PTA  Member / Secretary
  • The Provincial Transport Authority, was established under the Motor Vehicle Ordinance, 1965 and after the break up of One Unit, into four Provinces, each Province has its own Provincial Transport Authority.
  • The Provincial Transport Authority is essentially concerned with the control and regulation of private transport sector within the province and the private transport operations between the other three provinces and the Azad & Jammu Kashmir in liaison with the Provincial Transport Authorities of those provinces.
  • The performance of the Provincial Transport Authority in its day to day business mainly concerns the following functions:-
    • Administration of Motor Vehicle Ordinance, 1965 and Motor VehicleRules, 1969, except registration of vehicles and control of traffic.
    • To coordinate and regulate the activities and policies of the Regional Transport Authorities.
    • To settle all disputes and decide all matters on which differences of  opinion arise among Regional Transport Authorities.
  • Classification of inter-provincial and inter-regional routes of transport vehicles.
  • Grant/renewal/cancellation of route permits to transport vehicles on provincial routes and air-conditioned vehicles on inter-regional routes and grant/ countersignatures of permits of goods vehicles etc.
  • To issue/renew/cancel route permits of the Yellow Cab Scheme.
  • Appellate Authority of Judicial cases decided by the Regional Transport Authorities.
  • Any other policy matters.