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Karachi Public Transport Society (KPTS)

  • KPTS was estabished in 1997 after closure of KTC.
  • It is registered under Social Welfare (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961.
  • A government NGO with public private partnership.
  • It has equal representation of senior citizens, transporters and government.
  • KPTS offers intra city routes formerly operated by KTC.
  • Deregulated fare but to be controlled by Governing Body of KPTS.
  • Transporters join the society and induct new and refurbished transport.
  • They are required to abide by the rules which emphasize:
  • No over-loading and no over-charging
  • No stopping at non-designated stops
  • No over speeding
  • 260 Coaches/Minibuses plying under the scheme.


  1. Secretary Transport, Government of Sindh          Chairman
  2. DCO, CDGK                                                            Co-Chairman        
  3. DIG (Traffic) City Police                                         Vice Chairman
  4. Secretary DRTA                                                     General Secretary
  5. Secretary PTA                                                        Treasurer
  6. Director General KMTC                                           Member
  7. Director Social Welfare                                           Member
  8. Executive District Officer T&C, CDGK.                   Member


  1. Mr. Sharfuddin Memon                Chief CPLC
  2. Brig (Retd) S.S.A Qasim              Hon. Secretary CIT
  3. Mr. Imran Saeed Baghpati          Rep KCCI
  4. Mr. Arif Hassan                           Chairman Urban Resources Centre
  5. Mr. Smi Mustafa                          Traffic Management Program
  6. Mr. Ejaz Nasir (Journalist)            Rep. PPI
  7. Mr. Irshad Hussain Bukhari          President KTI


  1. Mr. Salim Godil                            (Europe Car) "Metro Radio Cab Service
  2. Mr. Noor Badshah                      "Swat Coach Service" (9c Shuttle)
  3. Mr. Mukhtar Bajwa                     "United Metro Transport Service"
  4. Mr. Muhammad Ishaque             "IHZ Metro“
  5. Mr. Asad Hussain Faruqui           City Lemousince "Star Radio Cab Service"
  6. Mr. Muhammad Zohaib Brohi       "Smart Radio Cab Service"
  7. Mr. Saad S. Fariqui                      Heriz Optimus Ltd "Red Top Cab Service"
  8. Mr. Sajjad Hussain                       Mono Radio Cab Service