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  • Uncontrolled growth of private owned vehicles.
  • Inadequate public transport.
  • Lack of parking facilities.
  • Poor road conditions.
  • Need for bypass roads.
  • Inefficient / inadequate traffic control system.
  • Traffic violations.
  • Lack of enforcement of traffic Laws / Rules.
  • Rapid population growth is causing serious strain on all civic and municipal services including transport sector.
  • Lack of an efficient transportation system in city as well as in the whole province.
  • Over saturated existing road based transportation system. It has neither sufficient expansion capacity nor is capable of meeting the present and projected traffic demand.
  • Congestion is costing the citizens billions of rupees in terms of loss of time, fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear and health hazards due to pollution (both air & noise).
  • Increasing number of fatal accidents.
  • Localized congestion due to road encroachments.
  • Pedestrian movements on road.