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Before the year 1945, the road transport in the provinces now constituting PAKISTAN was exclusively run by the private bus operators. As time ran, with the increase in number of vehicles and quantum of traffic multiplying, the Government of PUNJAB decided to organize the transport system on proper footing. In 1945 the Nationalized Transport Service was established in LAHORE to operate buses on city and intercity routes. The Government of Sindh followed the suit as Government Commercial Transport (GCT) was established in 1946 at HYDERABAD. The bus transport services were gradually extended to serve the entire province. In January 1948 National Transport Service was also introduced in N.W.F.P. In 1954, on amendment of motor Vehicle Act, 1939, the Road Transport Boards were formed in PUNJAB, N.W.F.P. and SINDH. The GCT in SINDH was converted in SINDH ROAD TRANSPORT BOARD with Head Office at HYDERABAD. Later, on integration of various provinces into ONE UNIT, the transport boards in PUNJAB, N.W.F.P. and SINDH were also amalgamated into West Pakistan Road Transport Board which was established in 1957. On dissolution of One Unit, the Government of Sindh established Sindh Road Transport Corporation (S.R.T.C.) in July, 1970.